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This guide scope replaces a 400/80 that was waaay too heavy for what it did. The smaller 60mm scope does a great job guiding and I can RA balance with just one counter weight now - much better - and it looks like something Ferrari designed

Dale Smalley

This giant flat panel is exactly what a flat panel should be! I use it with a large aperture setup in a remote observatory. It’s great having a super-well-built panel this big! It’s totally flicker free and evenly lit across the entire panel. Even the software is amazing – even adjustable setting for color & narrow-band filters. Another must have product for imaging.

Brent Bowen

Prism was chosen to supply the data-streams for our astrophysics research with the multi-longitude Global Jet Watch observatories as it was the only commercial software capable of controlling our array of cameras. Our observations require at least 4 cameras running simultaneously with several others being available for other modes during a night. Typically we are running one (soon to be upgraded to two) spectrograph cameras, a guiding camera and two (soon to be three) commensal photometric calibration imaging cameras.

Pr. Katherine Blundell
Oxford University, UK

I highly recommend Prism 10 software to all that want to save time and money. This is the best and fastest software on the market for astrophotography and automation in my opinion and is very affordable. Download it and see for yourself….you will become amazed very quickly.

David Collings
Sparta, North Carolina

I'm commission a site for serius observations and there are a lot of requirements and technologies to be harmonized and so many areas of post-processing that require dedicated software that you can really get lost. PRISM is open and allows full integration of any equipment in few mouse clicks with an impressive set of analysis and post-processing and automation tools that can drive efficiently you into a professional experience of the sky wonders.

Paolo Fini