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  • How To- Find a suitable star for Autofocus
    Dec 22nd 2018

    How To- Find a suitable star for Autofocus

    Problem:How to choose a good star for focus?Background:Choosing the right magnitude star to focus on

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  • Calibration Frames
    Dec 9th 2018

    Calibration Frames

    IntroductionCalibration frames are used to correct for optical defects in the imaging train such as:

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  • Going remote II
    Dec 4th 2018

    Going remote II

    Stellar Wanderers ObservatoryI know I have gone quiet for a long while but let me tell you... it’s f

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  • Collimation, oh collimation !
    Dec 4th 2018

    Collimation, oh collimation !

    After getting the big OOUK AG16 installed with all its accessories, camera, filterwhel, etc..we thou

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