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The Leo Triplet

The Leo Triplet, or the M66 Group, is a group of interacting spiral galaxies located in the northern constellation Leo.

The group consists of the galaxies Messier 65Messier 66 and NGC 3628, also known as the Hamburger Galaxy. The Leo Triplet lies at an approximate distance of 35 million light years from Earth.

The three large spiral galaxies can be seen in a single field of view and are well viewed even in small telescopes. Their galactic disks are tilted at different angles when seen from Earth. NGC 3628 appears edge-on, while M65 and M66 are inclined enough to reveal their spiral arms.

The M66 Group is located in the eastern part of Leo constellation, along the line from the bright star Denebola to Regulus. The galaxies are located between the stars Chertan, Theta Leonis, and Iota Leonis.

Messier 66, the largest and brightest member of the Leo Triplet, is roughly 95 light years across. It has an apparent size of 9.1 by 4.2 minutes of arc and an apparent magnitude of 8.9.

Messier 65 has a visual magnitude of 10.25 and occupies an area of 8.709 by 2.454 arc minutes of apparent sky. It is an intermediate spiral galaxy, poor in dust and gas, and shows little evidence of star formation.

Equipment Details

  • OOUK AG16

  • Paramount MEII

  • Atik 11000

  • Southern Arizona

Data Details

  • L 300s x 31

  • R 300s x 12, G 300s x 12, B 300s x 12

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LE Pyxis

I have received LE Pyxs, very good quality, but does not work with Linux.
But I'm in contact with Optec to get the Linux driver.
We'll see later if it works properly.

Excellent Integrated Package

I bought PRISM v.10 Pro for its integrated capabilities. I did not want to have to "bolt together" different software packages to achieve all my objectives. Two weeks after downloading the software the skies cleared and I was able to use my ZWO CMOS camera and focuser mounted onto a Stellarvue 80mm to move all over the sky finding and taking test shots of Messier objects. I am currently working on deepening my knowledge of what the software can do, particularly pointing models and autoguiding. The look of PRISM is a little outdated - others have mentioned this - but when you discover what you can accomplish with this software package this is easily forgotten. The online tutorials work well to get you off and running and phone support is quite good! I look forward to learning a little bit more each day and to achieving high quality imaging.

Looking forward to trying it!

I bought this in anticipation of using it at my summer home. So it is still unwrapped. It did come highly recommended, and the shipping speed was nothing short of miraculous, so I can't wait to get down to work!

Great device and excellent service.

This is my first experience with Hyperion. I had quick shipping and good service. The eagle is an excellent device for controlling my telescope and camera. It is a powerful pc.

Really does the job...

For those who have the Eagle, the ECCO is a great device to monitor and adjust the dew heater. It is very easy to install. You do a short calibration in the advanced settings, be sure the sensor is properly placed, plug in the cables and bingo--all done. Highly recommend it.