Meet the Dev!

Meet the Dev!

May 03, 2018

Meet the developer

January 21, 2018

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  Cyril Cavadore started developing PRISM in the beginning of the 90s to fulfill his own goals, surely enough it propagated to a few more users and this sparked a new movement. Since the beginning, PRISM has included some of the most advanced functions available only to professional astronomers at the time.

  After acquiring a PHd in physics specializing in CMOS imaging technology in 1998, Cyril started working for ESO(European Southern Observatory) as a CCD camera engineer for the VLT. To honor his exceptional achievements in astronomy, an asteroid bears his name and hurls around the solar system as shown in the image below.

  Beginning in 2012, Cyril, along with his wife Laure, decided to start a private venture to be more independent and self-driven. Some amazing products emerged from this freelance effort including: The Nova direct drive, Shack Hartmann analyzers, seeing monitors, allsky cameras,etc.. 



  Cyril also specializes in mechanical, electronic and software design of custom systems including the fork direct drive mount holding a 500mm truss Newtonian shown here. This system is hosted in Chile and produced some amazing images.

  Cyril's commitment is to continuously develop PRISM to encompass the latest functions available to ensure our users have the best and greatest. It remains the most complete and advanced astronomy package available today.

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