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  • Prism v10 | Professional - PRiSM
    Prism v10 | Professional - PRiSM
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    Original price $349.00
    Current price $299.00

    Prism v10 | Professional

    This version includes all the features available in the Lite variants but packs some very advanced options. A complete all-in-one solution that wil...

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  • Flat Panel 20inch (550mm) -
    Flat Panel 20inch (550mm) -
    from $549.00

    Flat Panel 20 inch ( 550mm )

      Panel perfectly illuminated and uniform up to the edges Precise digital USB dimmer for exact brigthness adjustment (255 steps) Very strong ant...

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  • Alphea - Allsky
    Alphea - Allsky
    from $2,499.00


    Applications: Astronomy    Cloud cover and transparency map, Robotic telescopes farms, no mobile parts. Free Space Optics (FSO) communication ...

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  • TCF-Si Focuser 2inch - Focuser

    TCF-Si Focuser 2inch

    TCF-Si Focuser #17668 TCF-Si focuser with Integrated controller The TCF-S and TCF-Si side by side. While the control box that comes standard wi...

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  • Alnitak Flip-Flat Electroluminescent Flat Fielding Device 4" to 6" - Flip Flat

    Alnitak Flip-Flat Electroluminescent Flat Fielding Device 4" to 6"

    Alnitak Flip-Flat Flat Fielder Alnitak Astrosystems' flagship product, the Flip-Flat, is a robotic lenscap and flat field illumination source for...

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  • EAGLE3 Q - Eagle Computers

    EAGLE3 Q

    EAGLE3 Q offers the same advanced features of EAGLE3 (remote control, 8 USB ports, 7 power out ports, etc) and the same RAM memory and SSD sto...

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