OMEA - Allsky Camera

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  • OMEA - Allsky Camera
  • OMEA - Allsky Camera
  • OMEA - Allsky Camera
  • OMEA - Allsky Camera
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The purpose of these systems is to carry out All or Full Sky surveillance of the night or day sky, and in a continuous fashion. It is possible to assess, in real time, the night sky quality, and to record fast phenomena (meteors and fireballs) or slower (satellites, rockets, noctilucent clouds, zodiacal light, aurora, airglow ....).

Thanks to its high sensitivity, this system can record a very good image quality of the night sky, while producing images of stars that will not be trailed by natural Earth rotation, no star tracking is required.
See HERE a real time view of some of our ALL SKY camera running worldwide.
Here is a PDF file describing how our ALL-SKY camera can be used for (application fields). Live Feed From Around The World :
User Manual download
Application fields of this camera are (in a nutshell) :

- Astronomy
Cloud cover and transparency map, Robotic telescopes farms, no mobile parts.
- Free Space Optics (FSO) communication
Cloud cover and transparency map, Site survey, Network architecture design and balancing
- Atmospheric studies
Atmospheric transparency, urban light pollution monitoring, northern lights, passive optical sensing. Network of AllSky camera
- Defense
Realtime and passive optical detection for satellite re-entry, planes and drones. Network of camera to cover larger territory
- Solar Power
Cloud cover, transparency map, site survey and power production forecasting


Allsky Software Video Example:


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