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PRISM v10 - Professional Astronomy Telescope Control Software for PC

A complete all-in-one Astronomy software developed in 1995 to accomplish one goal: Be the the best one-stop-shop Astronomy software.

Main Features


Star Centroid | FFT | Spectra



Plate Solve

Local Field | Lookaround | Allsky

Embedded Skychart

Extensive Skychart | Deep Sky | AAVSO Calibration Stars | GAIA DR2


Image all night, Every Single Night, from Power Up To Shutdown

Pre & Post-Prcessing

Make Master Calibration Frames | Pre-Process Your Lights | Process The Light and Export to Your Favorite Program

Our Customers Say it Best


Prism was chosen to supply the data-streams for our astrophysics research with the multi-longitude Global Jet Watch observatories as it was the only commercial software capable of controlling our array of cameras. Our observations require at least 4 cameras running simultaneously with several others being available for other modes during a night.

Pr. Katherine Blundell
Oxford University

"I highly recommend Prism 10 software to all that want to save time and money. This is the best and fastest software on the market for astrophotography and automation in my opinion and is very affordable. Download it and see for yourself .you will become amazed very quickly."

David Collings
Sparta, North Carolina

I highly recommend Prism to my fellow amateur astrophotographers and citizen scientists. It’s a very rare treat indeed to come across a software package that doesn’t require a whole host of 3rd party addon programs for you to accomplish your goals. From data acquisition, to analysis and processing, Prism really is a “one stop shop” for your software needs.

Mike Keeler

This is the most encompassing single software solution to everything astrophotography imaging I have encountered. Potential competitors in the world are very rare.  No American software program or suite can come close to this product. 

Dr. Raymond Merrick
Jonesborough, TN

Customer Images

There are actual customers images captured and pre-processed in PRISM. Some of the post-processing was done in Photoshop

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Is my current gear supported in PRISM?

Answer: The majority of hardware sold nowadays has an ASCOM driver or a supported native driver such as Celestron, SBIG, FLIP, APOGEE

Question: How many cameras can I use with PRISM?

Answer: The lite and advanced versions can control (1) imager and (1) autoguider. The Advanced version, on the orher hand, can control an array with (8) cameras.


Questions: Does I need to buy any other software to use PRISM?
Answer: No, PRISM is a standalone software that will do practically everything for you.

Question: Do I need a third-party plate solving software?

Answer: Not at all. PRISM includes a very fast plate solver, an allsky search. Above that. it also supports the online and offline versions of

What are the Differences Between Lite, Pro and Advanced?

Here is a breakdown between the three versions

Scientific CCD camera (FLI,SBIG,QSI, ASCOM) Up to 8x Imagers, 1x guider 1x Imager, 1x Guider 1x Imager, 1x Guider
Advanced Functions Y N N
CCD Camera Characterization Y N N
Simultaneous Wide Field & High Resolution Imaging Y N N
Supernova Image comparison Y N N
AO Control Y Y N
Astrometric reduction Y Y N
Automatic Asteroid/Comet discovery Y Y N
Automatic Imaging Multiple Targets Y Y N
Batch File Processing Y Y N
Cloud Sensor Y Y N
Dome/Shelter Y Y N
Exo-Planet Detection Y Y N
Find Scope anywhere Y Y N
Imaging Limiting Magnitude Y Y N
Observatory start up/shutdown Y Y N
Optical Tests Y Y N
Photometry Y Y N
Pointing Model Y Y N
Scripting Y Y N
Sky Background Measurement Y Y N
Spectrograph Functions Y Y N
Autocenter Y Y Y
AutoFocus Y Y Y
Autoguiding Y Y Y
AVI File Processing Y Y Y
Blink Images Y Y Y
Canon DSLR Camera Y Y Y
Dithering Y Y Y
Download DSS images Y Y Y
Easy Image Sequence Capture Y Y Y
Embed images into Sky Map Y Y Y
Extensive Catalogs Y Y Y
Filter Wheel Y Y Y
Find Scope Position – AllSky Y Y Y
Focuser Y Y Y
Image Grid Y Y Y
Image Stacking Y Y Y
Mount Y Y Y
Plate Solving Y Y Y
Polar Alignment Y Y Y
Select Best Images Y Y Y
Tracking Error Charts Y Y Y
Webcam/DMK/Skyris Y Y Y

How Does PRISM Stack Up Against the Competition? Tall, Very TALL!

Here is a quick rundown of what it cost for the competition to get the same features and tools as PRISM

Prism Advanced The SkyX Pro Maxim DL Pro Notes
Package $499.00 $349.00 $599.00
Camera control Included $249.00 Included
Pointing models Included $249.00 $150.00
Dome control Included $249.00 Included
Automation Included $99.00 $99.00 SGPro for $99, CCDautopilot for $99/$299, or ACP Basic starting at $695.
Database Included $210.00 Included MaximDL includes a very basic skychart
Optical checks Included $149.00 $149.00 CCDinspector
Total $499.00 $1,554.00 $997.00
Need to learn One package Multiple Multiple
Need to update One package Multiple Multiple
Optical checks Included Extra Extra CCDInspector ($149)
Polar alignment Inlcluded Extra Extra The SkyX Pro required T-Point / QHY Polemaster ($349)

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Professional-grade analytical functions and the ability to control an array of up to 8 cameras




Professional-grade analytical functions and the ability to control an array of up to 8 cameras




This is the best Astronomy software for a beginner. A skychart, capture and processing all in a lightweight package you can easily learn



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