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Does the following describe your situation?

  • Afraid to learn a complex software? 
  • Want to start imaging but don't want to waste money?
  • Worried about yearly upgrade fees? 
  • Afraid of juggling multiple pieces of software? 
  • Stuck with crummy support? 
  • Lost and frustrated looking for actual video tutorials to learn? 
  • Tired of unanswered emails?


Image taken with PRISMv10


What Do Our Customers Say?

David Collings Sparta,NC

" I highly recommend Prism 10 software to all that want to save time and money. This is the best and fastest software on the market for astrophotography and automation in my opinion and is very affordable. Download it and see for yourself….you will become amazed very quickly "

Dr. Raymond Merrick Joneborough,TN

I am endorsing this software not because I was paid to but, because I have paid out so much money and time on others that just did not deliver in so many ways.

Michael Selby, Thailand

" I operate a telescope system that consists of an OS RiLA 600, Taurus 600 mount,Optec Gemini Rotating Focuser and FLI PL16803 camera. In the past I used MaximDL, SkyX, and Pixinsight for processing. For scripting I often used CCD Commander. While Prism does have a learning curve, the convenience of all the functions I need under one roof far outweighed the effort involved in becoming familiar with the program. In certain area’s such as camera control including image stretch Prism is far ahead of the other options available. Given the extreme range of functions the product covers pretty much anything an astrophotographer would want to do, and does it well."

Dark Sky On-Demand Philadelphia, PA

Until I found Prism, I had at least a dozen apps installed for observation; each good at one or two things but frustratingly incapable of anything else. Prism supports my Astronomy as a total end-to-end suite – it’s the only system I need. Prism handles my cameras, mount and even my weather station and brings powerful analytics to the table to help keep my OTA and sensors performing at their best. Support is phenomenal for Prism and Hyperion-Astronomy are subject matter experts. I will never install another software package... Hyperion-Astronomy has hit this one Out of the Park!​


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