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3-inch To 2-inch Reducing Adapter


#17804 - 3" Drawtube Adapter To 2" Reducer Bushing With Compression Ring

The #17804 Reducing Adapter allows equipment with a 2-inch drawtube adapter to be attached behind 3-inch OPTEC-3000 equipment including the TCF-S3, IFW-3, and Pyxis 3" rotator.

This adapter includes a specialy designed brass compression ring with grooves designed to hold eyepieces and other accessories tightly.  Especially designed for use with the TCF-S3 series focusers.

  • Outside Diameter:  3.48" (88.3mm)
  • Overall Height: 1.38" (35mm)
  • Clear Aperture:  2.01"  (51mm)
  • Weight: 6.08 oz (172 g)
  • Compression Ring:  ridged brass internal ring
  • Back-focus Usage: 0.625" (15.9 mm)
  • Telescope Side Connection:  OPTEC-3000 Dovetail
  • Camera Side Connection:  2" Receiver
Camera-side Compatibility:
  • 2-inch Eyepieces,
  • 2-inch Camera Nosepieces,
  • Pyxis 2" camera field rotator,
  • NextGen and Lepus series telecompressors,
  • Any 2-inch 'push-fit' accessory.