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Full Aperture Type 2+ Glass Solar Filters for Telescopes

SKU 19125

Made by Thousand Oaks Optical, these full-aperture glass solar filters fit tightly over the end the front aperture of the telescope and are made in a variety of sizes to work with most popular aperture telescopes from small refractors to reflectors up to 16-inches. åÊThese white-light solar filters are the gold standard of eclipse chasers around the world.

Genuine Thousand Oaks Optical Type 2+ Glass solar filters start with hand selection of high quality glass substrate and are then coated with Thousand Oaks' proprietary Type 2+ coating that produces a natural warm yellow solar image.

The hard coating is the most durable in the solar filter industry. Guaranteed to last for at least fifteen years, if properly cared foråÊthese filters could easily last a lifetime.

Quality is paramount with the owner of Thousand Oaks Optical, even to this day the founder of the company, Mr. Pat Steele, tests each and every filter himself. Independently tested for safety, these solar filters transmit only 1/1000th of 1.0% of the light passing through.åÊ

To select the right size filter, measure the O.D. of the front aperture of the tube assembly where the aluminum solar filter cell will fit over, and then select the front cell ID from the list above. Each filter is supplied with a generous amount of thick felt that provide a very snug fit. åÊ

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Great device and excellent service.

This is my first experience with Hyperion. I had quick shipping and good service. The eagle is an excellent device for controlling my telescope and camera. It is a powerful pc.

Really does the job...

For those who have the Eagle, the ECCO is a great device to monitor and adjust the dew heater. It is very easy to install. You do a short calibration in the advanced settings, be sure the sensor is properly placed, plug in the cables and bingo--all done. Highly recommend it.

Great Software

Amazing program, so much you are able to do with it. Very costomizable. Great software support as well, quick replies and helpful. As an amateur astrophotographer it’s pretty easy to learn and the program can grow with you as you dive into the more advanced features.

Successful imaging

I am still learning all the capabilities of Prism, and so far very pleased. I have had several nights so far, after easy setup, of sound sleep waking up to multiple quality subs. I have tried many automation software packages and very happy with Prism.
I asked about some simple issues on initial setup, and customer support was very fast and super friendly.
Give Prism a try.

Nice compact Setup

This is a nice and easy-to-use short focus Newtonian with a very good mounting. A basic knowledge of astronomy is needed to properly use this telescope, as the telescope needs to be colimated to get best results. The mounting needs to be properly oriented to the sky as well.